BGP topological vs centralized route reflector

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I seem to remember there were some good old (really old now) books on BGP discussing various design aspects of BGP infrastructure including topology-based or address-based route reflection, etc...

Topology-based doesn’t need to mean in-path you can still have a whole fleet of out-of-the-path RRs servicing say south-east region.  

My advice is: 

-Keep your RR-1 infra separate form RR-2 infra (when RR1&RR2=same cluster). 

-Keep your Internet-RRs and Services-RRs infrastructures separate (ships in night), which is very easy to pull off with current virtualized RRs. 

-Type-1 RDs will help you simulate full-mesh.  





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Am trying to find some documents and practical implementations regarding bgp topological vs centralized route reflector(In-band vs out-of-band)


Any good shares are appreciated

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