fs.com dwdm equipment

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None of our stuff has management, all passive. Once you get into the amps and whatnot, those have management. We'll likely be getting some shortly as we're rebuilding our infrastructure and adding some things. 

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For managing them, do you use the actual software they ship with it? When I last checked, it requires a MSSQL instance with hard coded “sa” user access which was an immediate no go for me. I still have them sitting in a box in our lab as a teaching aid really. 

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I tryed SFP, MUX, DEMUX and OADM, all working as expected. 

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Hello All, 

Does anybody have experience with fs.com dwdm equipment in their production environment? Are you they working without any issue? How's their warranty support if the issue arises? 

Thanks in advance for all the answers and help. 

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