A Zero Spam Mail System [Feedback Request]

Viruthagiri Thirumavalavan giri at dombox.org
Mon Feb 18 06:58:21 UTC 2019

Just gone through all your replies.

Literally everyone attacking me here. Could you tell me why? Because I have
been rude to John Levine, right? So you all think you have the right to
give me "mob justice". But as an innocent man I have to suffer all John
Levine attacks because he is a most valued member of NANOG. Is that what
you are all saying?

There is only one regret I have in this situation. I shouldn't have been
rude with Töma Gavrichenkov and Suresh Ramasubramanian. That's because they
didn't know what happened between John and me 6 months back. Most probably
they would never have behaved with me in the way John behaved. I wasn't
paying attention to that part. When I noticed the word "50 words", I
thought they are mocking me too.

@Töma Gavrichenkov and Suresh Ramasubramanian

I don't think I can go back and correct my mistakes. But trust me. I do
regret for my words. I'm really sorry for being rude with you two. Take
this as my sincerest apology. You two deserve that.


It sucks when you sit on the "humiliation" chair when the mistake is not
yours. I'm a farmer's son from a third world country, yet trying to
contribute to this world in the way I can.

Asking for feedback is not a mistake. But I have been attacked in multiple
lists for that. This is the only thread I was rude and cocky.

What you all think I spend my time only in attacking others? Have you ever
noticed my other threads <https://lists.gt.net/nanog/users/202185>? I
usually give respect to everyone. But I can't give respect to people who
don't care about others feelings. What you all think, I'm a heartless man?

One guy was attacking me for my poor english skills. Excuse me for not
being poetic in my paper. I studied in my local language. English was an
alien language to me. I started to learn "English" only in my early
twenties. I just turned 30. This is what I picked in the past 10 years.

Just because the ball is in your court doesn't mean, you all can throw at
me in the way you can. I explained what happened between John Levine and me
in my original post. That's because I don't want this man to go and create
another thread to attack me or meddle in my efforts.

I'm a guy who spend day and night in working on things I believe. I'm
definitely not gonna turn into a Mark Zuckerberg. But I'm gonna make a
difference to this world one way or another.

None of never completed my paper. Most probably you have no idea what's in
it. But you all think you have the right to attack me, because I was rude
with John? This is an engineering community. Don't convert it into a
"Prison Brotherhood" where the new guy always has to bend over.
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