MX204 applications, (was about BGP RR design)

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Feb 15 09:00:10 UTC 2019

On 15/Feb/19 10:54, Phil Lavin wrote:

> They are, however, not Trio - rather just commodity CPUs. Routing re-convergence times are shockingly high - in the region of 5-10 minutes for MX80 with a full table vs 30 seconds (ish) for 204

They are Trio.

It's the control plane which is not Intel... Freescale.

> You can add switches (EX or QFX) as line cards using Fusion, to add more port density. I've heard some good things about Fusion, though I'm always wary of proprietary clustering technology having been bitten by VC a few times. You can also just trunk some VLANs up to switches if you don't want to buy the Fusion license

Nasty, but doable (with or without Fusion).

I'd prefer not to, but I'm getting old so my resolve could be questioned


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