Last Mile Design

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Feb 15 07:53:18 UTC 2019

On 14/Feb/19 17:10, Aaron Gould wrote:
> Not sure if this is what y'all are talking about, but I use lots of Juniper ACX5048 (previously Cisco ME3600 or ASR9000) for mpls-capable router edging in native ip/ethernet from ftth gpon network into mpls l2circuits and LOTS of vrf.... vrf for public ip, vrf for cgnat for private ip, vrf for voice...  I'm glad I did it.
> Residential----- ONT-----ftth/gpon------OLT------ACX5048-----mpls/vrf x-------cgnat/inet------
> Residential----- DSL Modem-----DSLAM-----------ACX5048-----mpls/vrf y-------cgnat/inet------
> Residential----- Cable Modem-----CMTS-----------ACX5048-----mpls/vrf z-------cgnat/inet------

I've never been a fan of the ACX because of its merchant silicon.

On the other hand, that makes it quite affordable.


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