How to choose a transit provider?

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Thu Feb 14 20:05:37 UTC 2019

thanks for all feedback, I have tried to summarize my thoughts in a video,
hoping this is useful set of notes

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> >
> >   I certainly subscribe to the notion that transport + transit is
> usually less expensive than DIA, but this does depend on the market and
> location.
> ... and the type of customer.
> DIA for a high-value "Enterprise" customer (think of a large
> conglomerate) is typically more costly than DIA for a low-value
> "Enterprise" customer (think of a family-owned travel & tour company).
> The large global ISP's are making more money from "enterprise" business
> than typical wholesale/transit services. This can support the idea that
> DIA can be pricier than transit.
> Mark.
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