Last Mile Design

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Thu Feb 14 05:08:30 UTC 2019

On 14/Feb/19 04:41, Colton Conor wrote:

> Just wondering, but what IP-capable MPLS switches are people using to
> deploy AE to residential internet connections? Most 48 port AE
> switches from repetuable vendors are crazy expensive, and I can't see
> how the ROI would ever work compared to GPON.

I'd never use an MPLS-capable router (even if it looks like a switch)
for Consumer customers. That math doesn't work.

As a pure FTTH Active-E AN, I still think the Brocade (Extreme) CER/CES
is a good box.

Cisco had the good sense of pushing out the ME2600X for this years ago,
and then opted to pull it. I can't find anything in their portfolio that
makes sense to me for this.

Juniper don't have anything on their end, either, that makes sense to me
for this.

So I'd probably still stick with the Brocade/Extreme.


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