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Mon Feb 11 10:23:30 UTC 2019

On 11/Feb/19 11:31, Thomas Bellman wrote:

> I assume this is targeted towards single-family detached houses, where
> the family owns the house themselves.  Then they likely will view that
> as an investment in the house.  If you want to sell your house a couple
> of years later, and it doesn't have a fiber connection, buyers will be
> less attracted to the house, and want to pay less.

Makes sense.

> It might also be more expensive to connect after the initial buildout
> of an area.  I believe that's how the commercial companies in Sweden
> that build FTTH work.

Cities also aren't keen on opening up streets again, e.t.c.

> I can also note that where I live (Linköping, Sweden), the municipal
> fiber company charges ~2400 EUR to connect a single-family home to their
> network.  That does *not* include the laying of fiber on your property,
> from the street to your house.  And on top of that, you need to buy
> Internet connectivity from a normal commercial ISP at a monthly cost;
> the municipal fiber company only provides layer 2 connectivity between
> the home and the ISPs (currently 19 different ISPs).

Having an option, even though it could be pricey, is better than not
having anything at all.


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