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Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Sun Feb 10 13:52:27 UTC 2019

On Sun Feb 10, 2019 at 06:41:29PM +1300, Tony Wicks wrote:
> in New Zealand the access layer (GPON plus local transport)
> is largely regulated. Then Retail service providers buy the
> access component wholesale and add layer3, national backhaul
> etc. Retail for unlimited 1G/500M internet is about $75USD/month,
> for 100/50 you are looking at about 50USD/month

What is the wholesale price? Is the same for everyone?

In the UK the line is reasonably priced (wholesale around US$15/month
for FTTC, FTTP is rare and $25 to $80/month) but backhaul is a problem
as the incumbent charges around $40/ Mb/s /month.

You're not going to sell a service with that for a viable price
when retail prices are around $20/month for the popular products (40
and 80Mb/s). It skews the market to a hand full of large providers
who can afford to build their own backhaul

On the FTTH I've been involved in ( I used
AE rather than GPON.

Positive factors were:
Simple, cheaper, CPE not needing replacing each time a new faster
wifi standard appears (the service is 1Gb/s).
Simpler build with dispersed properties.
Preference to maintain a (cheaper) ethernet switch vs propriertary GPON
Any business can be given dedicated 1G DIA and can independently upgrade
to 10G.
With a lot of farms/home working the business/domestic distinction
is fluid.

Higher fibre costs but not huge vs GPON kit.
A fibre cut results in a lot more fibres to splice increasing
time to repair (96c on our trunks, would be 12c with GPON). This
is the only major AE issue.


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