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The FTTH rollout in Sweden has resulted in monopoly and the prices are
high. Anything will work if you do not need to compete and you are getting
financed by someone with money to spend.

lør. 9. feb. 2019 22.05 skrev Thomas Bellman <bellman at>:

> On 2019-02-09 18:59 CET, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> > For anyone saying it's "impossible" to do AE they're welcome here to
> > the nordic region and especially Sweden where PON is basically unheard
> > of. We have millions of AE connected households. I live in one of them.
> However, large parts (probably even most) of our FTTH deployments have
> been built, and are owned, by our municipalities, not private companies.
> And have had government subsidies.  (Sometimes outsourced to normal
> commercial companies, but those companies then have the municipality as
> their customer, not us end-users.)
> Even without the subsidies, I expect that changes what kind of long-
> term view is taken on the investment.  A purely commercial company might
> want a return on their investments in just a few years, and if the fiber
> plant needs to be replaced in its entirety ten years from now, that will
> be the problem of a different CEO. :-)  A municipality (or a company
> wholly owned by the municipality) is used to build roads and water pipes
> with expected lifetimes of 50 years, and might build their fiber plants
> expecting them to live 20 years or longer.
>         /Bellman
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