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Sat Feb 9 23:01:13 UTC 2019

In New Zealand we have a mostly (any town of about 20k population or more) nationwide FTTH rollout underway (government/private partnership) that is mostly based on GPON. Both Point to Point and Dark Fibre are available as well. The service is layer 2 QinQ delivered to the retail service providers, (1/16 split on the GPON) while the fibre infrastructure provider is barred from retail service sales. GPON speeds generally delivered are 100/50, 200/200 and 1G/500. In general the real world result of this is a network that performs fantastically for both retail and SMB. Larger businesses are often delivered over single strand dark Fibre, but in practice the 1G/500M service works extremely well for most situations. 10G over the PON network is about to start a trial phase, but the ready availability of DF significantly reduces the urgency of this (8x10G over cheap CWDM fibre mux's makes for a nice solution). 

>Agreed - we generally do not recommend the use of GPON for our Enterprise customers. However, in cases where a 3rd party partner discloses their use of GPON to deliver our tails, we dumb down the SLA's and >technical capabilities and advise the customer accordingly.

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