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On 2/9/19 1:13 PM, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
> GPON is 2.4 Gbps downstream and 1.2 Gbps upstream.


I guess I've not thought about the fact that the GPON itself might be ~> 
is asymmetric.  From my naive point of view, I see a 1G/1G symmetric 
Ethernet hand off from the ONT to my equipment.  Hence my uninformed 

> Residential users are download heavy and more than 1:2. However there is 
> a big difference between average, peak and micro burst. The conclusion 
> is not simple.


> We typically have 60+ users on each port. We sell 1000/1000 internet. 
> And yet we only get good ratings for the speed.

I've learned that people are quick to judge harshly and slow to 
complement.  Or that good or better speeds ratings are lost to other 
things like price and / or other services offered, like native IPv6 or not.

> I find that many, that are sceptical about the shared bandwidth of GPON, 
> forget that a typical POP might only be fed by a 10 Gbps uplink. Usually 
> this has much lower bandwidth per user than the GPON link.

I remember having these discussions in the early 2000's about ADSL vs 
Cable Modem.  I wonder if some of the earlier horror stories are 
unconsciously biasing people's opinions.  Or if people quite literally 
only look at / think about the directly attached network segment.

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