Last Mile Design

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Sat Feb 9 07:13:09 UTC 2019

On 8/Feb/19 19:44, Brandon Martin wrote:

> I'm thinking that, if you push L3 termination all the way out to the
> last access node (FTTN DSLAM being the obvious one here), you may then
> lack a decent way to haul pure Ethernet back to their head-end.  If
> your L3 termination also supports MPLS, or Q-in-Q, you're probably
> fine.  The latter might negate the potential advantages of distributed
> L3 from a routing POV by forcing you to again run STP or similar.
> If you're doing L3 termination a bit more centralized, even if not
> with big behemoths on a "one per super-metro" basis, this may not be a
> problem at all.  HFC and FTTx PONs might end up being like that
> inherently just because of the nature of the plant and tech that runs
> on it.

My assumption is that you'd be running full IP/MPLS all the way into the
Access. In that case, what I'm saying is that you can run EoMPLS to
deliver the service.


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