Last Mile Design

Aaron aaron at
Fri Feb 8 19:48:30 UTC 2019

I've always felt PON is a tool for people who don't know how to design a 
proper network.


On 2/8/2019 1:38 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Good for you.  None of this PON splitter nonsense.
> Miles Fidelman
> On 2/8/19 2:17 PM, Aaron wrote:
>> We run direct fiber connections to each house and business and 
>> terminate them on the same switches.  Our switches are housed in 
>> small "huts" that are dispersed throughout the city and each handle a 
>> specific area then the huts are all connected in a ring. It really 
>> comes down to what your geography looks like.
>> Aaron
>> On 2/7/2019 5:46 PM, David Ratkay wrote:
>>> I am not sure if this is a easy question to answer. But I am 
>>> wondering what ISP's do for their residential and business customers 
>>> for designing POP's that they usually access to get theur traffic 
>>> into a given ISP and beyond. Is it usually a L1/L2 connection from 
>>> the CE to the last mile POP? Or L2 even within the last mile POP. Do 
>>> you just have POP's delegated to residential users and a separate 
>>> POP for business users. Or is it done on a geographical basis. So 
>>> for this region of City-A we manage both residential and business 
>>> customers at this same POP.

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