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Fri Feb 8 01:14:43 UTC 2019

On Thu, 07 Feb 2019 18:46:40 -0500, David Ratkay said:

> I am not sure if this is a easy question to answer. 

Actually,trivial to answer: "It depends".  Often due to "hysterical raisins".

> even within the last mile POP. Do you just have POP's delegated to
> residential users and a separate POP for business users. Or is it done on a
> geographical basis. So for this region of City-A we manage both residential
> and business customers at this same POP.

How well is servicing both out of one POP working for you?  If what you have in
City A is working for you, your business plan, and your customers, don't change it :)

Some companies may want 2 POPs because one area of the city is highly
commercial/industrial and all the home eyeball networks are on the other side
of town. Or they're DSL providers in a not densely packed town, and needed two
POPs to get all the customers inside the cable foot limit for sane DSL. Or they
had their residential POP already up and running, and then acquired a business
ISP that already had a POP.  Or they designed it based on what dark fiber or
coller was already in conduits or up on poles. I'm sure that at least one DSL
provider ended up with two POPs due to the headaches of trying to get one POP
past the incumbent, and there's probably somebody who ended up with one POP
because it was impossible to set up 2 with the incumbent...

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