Calling LinkedIn, Amazon and Akamai @ DE-CIX NY

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Hi Thomas,

You probably should remove sessions with networks explicitly *not* participating in route servers versus displaying them on a global shame list.

Cheers, -ren

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Hi all,

Thanks for your support! This helps us getting all peers on the new IPv4 space.

Our looking glass shows which peers already have changed the IP settings (see section “BGP session established”) and which peers are still working on it (see section “BGP sessions down”):

Best regards,

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Microsoft an Edgecast has not yet made there changes.

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Akamai is working on doing our part. Apologies.
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Pinged my contacts in each

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In late October 2018, DE-CIX announced that they would be renumbering their IPv4 address block in New York between 01-28-19 and 01-30-19.

This was followed by numerous reminders in months, weeks and even days leading up to the renumbering activity.

The renumbering activity has come and gone, but LinkedIn, Amazon and Akamai are still using the old IPs.

If three months has gone by and the numerous reminders that have been sent have resulted in these organizations still living on the old IP space, it seems to me that there may be some sort of a disconnect between who receives the notifications from IXPs and how they are filtered upstream.

I’m hopeful that the eyeballs who read this list are some of those folks who should have received the notifications from DE-CIX, or can at least filter the info back downstream to whoever can perform the renumbering activity.


Jim Stankiewicz
Principal Network Architect

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