[EXTERNAL] Re: RTBH no_export

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Mon Feb 4 09:48:26 UTC 2019

 ❦  4 février 2019 09:01 +00, i3D.net - Martijn Schmidt <martijnschmidt at i3d.net>:

> Cogent does let you use RTBH, but on a separate BGP session to a
> blackhole server. So it's a bit more hassle to set it up policy-wise,
> because it deviates from the standard. Same story for "former
> GlobalCrossing", now CenturyLink's AS3549, which is still used for LATAM
> and Asia.

Cogent will "soon" support a blackhole community on regular BGP
sessions. I've got this information a few months ago, so maybe just ask
for it to make it happen sooner.
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