Calling LinkedIn, Amazon and Akamai @ DE-CIX NY

Niels Bakker niels=nanog at
Fri Feb 1 02:31:20 UTC 2019

* bryan at (Bryan Holloway) [Fri 01 Feb 2019, 02:00 CET]:
>What do IXes do (or can do) to enforce the completion of a renumbering?

Renumbering is not complicated, but it's a lot of work to do it well.

- Set a realistic time schedule well in advance.  Keep in mind that 
some have change control limitations that differ from what you may be 
used to in the ISP industry.  Talk about it in your regular membership 
meeting prior to the renumbering at the very least, and send mails to 
your general membership mailing lists.

- Make sure your contacts for all connected ISPs are up to date.  
Generate unique emails per connected party and require them to 
acknowledge.  If they don't, start making phone calls.

- Allow for an overlap of old and new IP space to avoid outages.  Don't 
set a flag day since not everybody will be able to make that due to 
timezones and aforementioned change control, but pick a week.  Give 
instructions on how to have duplicated BGP sessions to avoid outages 
while allowing all connected parties to migrate at their speed.

- Consider temporarily duplicating your route server infrastructure.

- Keep a very close eye on your arpwatch and other monitoring in case 
people make typos - and people will make typos.

- Be ready to move ports to a quarantine VLAN when they haven't 
renumbered in time, despite those previously mentioned personal 
communications, so you can reuse the IP address space elsewhere.


	-- Niels.

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