Protecting 1Gb Ethernet From Lightning Strikes

Chris Knipe savage at
Wed Aug 14 17:33:27 UTC 2019

Think surge protectors will protect against strikes that is far away, and
the residual surge it creates.

A direct strike?  Don't think there's anything that will really protect
against that.

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> Are "surge protectors" really of much use against lightning? I suspect
> not, other than minor inductions tho perhaps some are specially
> designed for lightning. I wouldn't assume, I'd want to see the word
> "lightning" in the specs.
> I once had a lightning strike (at Harvard Chemistry), probably just an
> induction on a wire some idiot had strung between building roofs (I
> didn't even know it existed) and the board it was attached to's solder
> was melted and burned, impressive! More impressive was the board
> mostly worked, it was just doing some weird things which led me to
> inspect it...oops.
> My understanding was that the only real protection is an "air gap",
> which a piece of fiber will provide in essence, and even that better
> be designed for lightning as it can leap small gaps.
> Check your insurance, including the deductibles, keep spares on hand.
> P.S. My grandmother would tell a story about how what sounded like the
> ever-controversial "ball lightning" came into her home when she was
> young. Good luck with that!
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