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> ...
> The last time I looked, RPKI adoption was sitting at around a grand total
> of 15% worldwide.  Ah yes, here it is...
>   https://rpki-monitor.antd.nist.gov/
> I've asked many people and many companies why adoption remains so low, and
> why their own companies aren't doing RPKI.  I've gotten the usual
> assortment
> of utterly lame excuses, but the one that I have had the hardest time
> trying to counter is the one where a network engineer says to me "Well,
> ya know, we were GOING to do that, but then ARIN... unlike the other four
> regional authorities... demanded that we sign some silly thing indemnifying
> them in case of.... something.
> Interestingly enough, those same indemnification clauses are in the
> registration services agreement that they already signed but apparently
> they were not an issue at all when requesting IP address space or receiving
> a transfer.
> You might want want to ask them why they are now a problem when they
> weren’t before (Also worth noting that many of these ISP's own contracts
> with their customers have rather similar indemnification clauses.)

Hi John,

There are things companies will sign
when their backs are up against the wall
that they will balk at signing when it is
for an optional geek-ish extra.

IP addresses are the lifeblood of the
tech industry.  If you don't have an
IP address, you don't exist on the
Internet.  (Apologies to those of us
who still have modems configured
to call and retrieve mail addressed
with UUCP bang paths).

So, companies will grudgingly and with
much hand-wringing sign the RSA
necessary to get IP space.  Without,
they die.  Rather like oxygen; if we
had to sign a license agreement in
order to receive air to breathe, you'd
find most people would sign pretty
horrific terms of service agreements.

Slip those same terms in front of someone
as a requirement for them to buy beer,
and you'll likely discover a whole lot of
people are just fine drinking something
else instead.

So too with the RSA terms versus the
RPKI terms.

As companies, we can't survive without
IP addresses.  We'll sign just about anything
to stay alive.

RPKI is a geek toy.  It's not at all required
for a business to stay alive on the Internet,
so companies feel much safer in saying
"no way will we sign that!".

Now, at the risk of bringing down the ire
of the community on my head...ARIN could
consider tying the elements together, at
least for ARIN members.  Add the RPKI terms
into the RSA document.  You need IP number
resources, congratulations, once you sign the
RSA, you're covered for RPKI purposes as well.

That doesn't solve the issue for out-of-region
folks who don't have an RSA with ARIN; but
that's no worse than you are today; and by
bundling the RPKI terms in with the rest of the
RSA, you at  least get everyone in the ARIN
region that wants^Wneeds to maintain their
IP number resources in order to stay in business
on the Internet covered in terms of being able to
use the RPKI data.

If you've got them by the short and curlies
already, might as well bundle everything in
while they've got the pen in their hand.  ^_^;

Even so, we at ARIN are in the midst of a Board-directed review of the RPKI
> legal framework to see if any improvements can be made <
> https://www.arin.net/vault/participate/meetings/reports/ARIN_43/PDF/PPM/curran_rpki.pdf>
>  – I will provide further updates once it is completed.

Best of luck!  I know we'll all be watching carefully to
see how it goes.    :)


> Thanks!
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO
> American Registry for Internet Numbers
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