What can ISPs do better? Removing racism out of internet

Dan Hollis goemon at sasami.anime.net
Tue Aug 6 20:17:15 UTC 2019

On Tue, 6 Aug 2019, Rob McEwen wrote:
> I'm so tired of this thread - but the bottom line is that censorship and even 
> the definition of "hate" and "racism" (especially when used in the 
> vernacular!) are extremely subjective and can lead to situations where 
> reasonable people disagree. And if/when such policies are implemented to try 
> to limit or shut down such speech, horrific unintended collateral damage will 
> LIKELY occur. Also, totalitarian regimes OFTEN use the same arguments to get 
> their foot in the door of controlling and suppressing speech. Even now, the 
> mainstream news media is ALREADY highlighting a very selective part of these 
> murderer's ideologies, and suppressing other parts, in order to convey an 
> overall impression of their ideologies that doesn't actually match them, but 
> furthers certain biased agendas. So actions to suppress "hate speech" and 
> "racism" based on the 1/2 truths that most have been brainwashed to believe 
> about these evil murderers' beliefs (1/2 contradicted by their own actual 
> writings, which are already evil!), is ALREADY well on its way towards 
> potentially causing collateral damage by unplugging or suppressing 
> forums/platforms that really don't closely match the actual ideology of the 
> shooters.

those who perform political curation of content are at risk of losing 
their section 230 protections.


if you really want this to happen, go ahead and "remove racism out of 
internet". you won't like the result.


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