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Mon Aug 5 20:57:50 UTC 2019

One tiny bit of sermonizing not aimed at anyone in particular:

Interested amateurs tend to study the wording of laws.

Lawyers tend to study case law, actual cases and their outcomes.

In part that's because, besides the hazards of interpretation, laws
often conflict, supercede each other, modify each other, have
unexpressed limits particularly regarding jurisdiction and other
matters of process and applicability, etc etc etc and that all tends
to come out and get defined in the case law. And case law tends to be
dispositive, /stare decisis/ and all that, precedents.

And if that paragraph bored the crap out of you then good luck
guessing at what a few thousand pages of case law on a topic will do
to you.

TBH some of this is like watching someone try to set up a router using
only the marketing brochures.

        -Barry Shein

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