The future of transport in the metro area

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Fri Aug 2 08:01:45 UTC 2019

On 31/Jul/19 16:48, Etienne-Victor Depasquale wrote:

> "I'm trying to identify trends in adoption of transport technology in
> the metro-area. If legacy is SDH/SONET and its successor in circuit
> transport is OTN, what are network providers implementing and planning
> to implement as transport technology in the metro area? For example,
> are packet transport technologies being considered as a replacement?
> As a complementary technology? By packet transport technologies, I am
> thinking of PBB-TE and MPLS-TP but ultimately, the problem regards how
> network providers are balancing circuit-transport and packet-transport
> technologies in current and planned deployments."

Ethernet has been ruling the Metro for some time now. The control and
forwarding planes that drive that are a decision left to the operator.

There is a healthy sharing of the pie between DWDM and packet to drive
these Ethernet Metro's, depending on use-case, the operators' business
model, whether it's an ISP or a content network, e.t.c.

In all, SDH/SONET Metro networks, while not completely gone, are
certainly on the decline.

As far as OTN goes, I've always heard more talk than actual biting by
customers. In our market, every time a customer has shown interest in
OTN, they end up going for EoDWDM, all the time.

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