the prefixes that wont be able to reach Cloudflare by the end of the year (unless RPKI ROAs are fixed)

nusenu nusenu-lists at
Wed Sep 19 16:32:00 UTC 2018


apparently Cloudflare will be enforcing RPKI route origin validation
"by the end of the year" [1].

If this is actually the case then some prefixes run at risk of loosing
the ability to reach Cloudflare.

This is a heads-up so you can check if you would be affected,
you can ctrl-f the list of 75 prefixes (ARIN region only)
bellow for your prefix or ASN.

(data as of 2018-09-19 14:06 UTC)  (AS13428)  (AS13768)  (AS13768)  (AS14237)  (AS15562)  (AS17139)  (AS19437)  (AS20860)  (AS262913)  (AS26827)  (AS26938)  (AS26938)  (AS30167)  (AS33060)  (AS33060)  (AS393398)  (AS393451)  (AS394308)  (AS394497)  (AS394497)  (AS394497)  (AS394497)  (AS394644)  (AS394644)  (AS395970)  (AS395970)  (AS395970)  (AS395970)  (AS395970)  (AS395970)  (AS41139)  (AS41139)  (AS41139)  (AS43181)  (AS52129)  (AS52129)  (AS53429)  (AS53429)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55079)  (AS55097)  (AS55097)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS6165)  (AS62541)  (AS62541)  (AS63267)  (AS63267)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS6364)  (AS8100)  (AS8100)  (AS11492) that is probably supposed to be invalid (DE-CIX Dallas peering LAN? :)



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