Massive Price Increase for X-conns at Telehouse Chelsea, NYC

Dovid Bender dovid at
Mon Sep 17 15:06:20 UTC 2018

Still better than what other places charge (*cough* DR..... *cough*)

On Mon, Sep 17, 2018 at 10:57 AM, Fredy Kuenzler <kuenzler at> wrote:

> Is anyone else affected by a massive price increase for x-conns by
> Telehouse Chelsea?
> When we moved in a few years ago they were asking 150$, it changed to
> 200$ and now we are asked to pay 260$. That's 73% more. I don't think
> inflation is that high in the United states.
> I get the impression that they feel comfortable enough to abuse their
> position. When we complained they simply said 'you may consider to
> cancel the contract'.
> Of course they don't provide any better service, in fact, the service
> quality is commonly indirectly proportional to the price at most 'big
> names'. #rant
> I suggest to anyone considering to buy colocation space in NYC (or
> elsewhere) not to choose Telehouse, unlike a few years ago.
> --
> Fredy Kuenzler
> Init7 (Switzerland) Ltd.
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