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Damian Menscher damian at
Fri Sep 14 21:44:49 UTC 2018

Solving a captcha issues an exemption cookie.  If you're being blocked
again on the "next search" this implies that cookie isn't working because:
  - your "next search" was several hours later, and the exemption cookie
  - you cleared cookies (or used a different browser)
  - you're doing something abusive from that browser that gets your
exemption cookie blocked


On Fri, Sep 14, 2018 at 9:32 AM Justin Wilson <lists at> wrote:

> In the experience of the community what causes the “Unusual traffic”
> messages when doing google searches? This ISP network hands out public IP
> addresses to each and every customer. No batting going on.  Does Google
> typically drop entire /24’s into this if they see an issue?  The initial
> troubleshooting we have done involves disconnecting the customer router and
> going direct with a laptop.  Still the same captcha.  We clock “I am not a
> robot” and the search goes through, but it re-appaers the next search.
> Looking for a direction to look.  What typically causes this? I know what
> the page says, but looking for specifics.
> Thanks
> Justin Wilson
> j2sw at
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