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> Hello,
> I have a ticket open with OpenDNS about filtering happening on some of our
> CGNAT IP space where a customer has "claimed" the IP as theirs so other
> customers using that same IP and OpenDNS are being filtered and not able to
> access sites that fall under their chosen filter.
> I have a ticket open from 6 days ago but it's not going anywhere fast.
> Can someone from OpenDNS contact me or point me to a contact there to help
> get this resolved? I believe we need to claim our CGNAT IP space so
> residential users can't claim IP's of their own.
> Thank you!

You should provide your users ipv6, opendns supports ipv6 and likely will
not have this issue you see

I am sure it may cost you time / money / effort. But this old thing we call
ipv4 is in a death spiral, and it will just get worse and worse for you
without ipv6.

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