Brocade SLX Internet Edge

Brandon Martin lists.nanog at
Wed Oct 31 22:55:17 UTC 2018

On 10/31/18 6:37 PM, Christopher Morrow wrote:
> If you buy brocade, be sure to also by a license for securecrt so that 
> backspace works over ssh...
> also, just don't do brocade... ever.

Works fine for me using OpenSSH in most Linux-y terminal emulators 
(Konsole, Linux console, Gnome terminal).  I didn't do any special 

Now, over serial, enjoy your ctrl-H unless you do some remapping.

I've never had any real problems with the hardware.  The software can 
leave something to be desired especially on the old Foundry stuff that 
can't run the modern software, but if you just want it to push packets 
all day long, they seem to be pretty stable.

Only bug I've been bitten with recently is apparent CAM corruption when 
manipulating large ACLs, but that was on the old (EOL) FCX platform. 
It's stable as long as you don't CHANGE things, and networks never 
change, right? (/s)

Netiron seems to be more stable but definitely lacking control plane 
features, especially for MPLS, including some major ones that I gather 
the big C and J have had available for quite a while.

I'm curious how things will diverge now that the "switching" line is at 
Ruckus/Arris while the "routing" line is at Extreme.  I can't say I was 
ever a fan of Extreme's software, either, and I don't really have enough 
experience with Arris gear to comment.

Certainly like any vendor's box, know what you're getting.  It's a 
packet pusher.

On a similar/related topic, has anyone used the Juniper MX204?  It seems 
to occupy roughly the same space as the SLX9540.  Less bandwidth, but 
JunOS is presumably more fully featured in terms of Internet-scale stuff 
one might want.
Brandon Martin

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