Brocade SLX Internet Edge

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140K IPv6 equates to about 560K IPv4 routes, leaving the end user with 940K IPv4, which is not a lot of ceiling space considering we're at 741K IPv4 + and 60K IPv6 (240k IPv4 equivalent) now (941K total). This will leave you with 559K. I am not sure what the OP has for peering but with trying to keep 20% of TCAM space free, and keeping up with the current rate of rise according to CIDR-report, I'd say 4 years product lifetime if the OS has excellent TCAM management.

Considering how the device looks like a switch and the SLX9850 uses Broadcom sillicon, I'm thinking it must use the Jericho chipset or some variant to get that kind of performance. In the end, your mileage may vary.

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On 10/31/18 4:56 PM, Aaron wrote:
> It won't hold a full table. 256,000 IPv4 and 64,000 IPv6 routes.

That was changed earlier this year AFAIK.  The website was slow to get updated but has been updated now.  Current claim is 1.5M IPv4 and 140k IPv6.  You need the "advanced feature license" to get access to that.
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