Super typhoon Yutu strikes U.S. territories of Guam and CNMI

Sean Donelan sean at
Sat Oct 27 01:46:52 UTC 2018

The official damage assessements for CNMI are coming in ...

As of October 27, 10am ChST

1 fatality reported so far

Utility power is out on all CNMI islands.  Saipan has generator fuel. Rota 
and Tinian all feeders are down. On Tinian - power plant damaged.

Hospitals on Saipan and Tinian are open and operating on emergency power. 
Rota Health Center open and operating on emergency power.

Communications - significant damage to cell towers across islands, but 
telecommunications companies have restored some mobile services. Backbone 
facilities appear functional, hundreds of utility poles are down across 
the islands.

Transportation - Major and secondary roads are accessible. Saipan and 
Tinian ports are closed.  Saipan airport restricted to military flights 
only because air traffic control tower damaged. Replacement air traffic 
control equipment being brought in, and commerical outbound flights 
expected on Sunday. No inbound commercial flights.

Some gas stations open on Saipan, all gas stations closed on Tinian. 
Banks and ATMs are re-opening today for limited hours. 17 shelters open. 
Some grocery stores and restaurants re-opening.

Public water systems out of service.  Water distribution stations are 
being set up.

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