Super typhoon Yutu strikes U.S. territories of Guam and CNMI

Sean Donelan sean at
Thu Oct 25 17:43:02 UTC 2018

Parts of Saipan airport was heavily dmanaged.  Sea ports are closed. 
Utility power is out in Saipan, and hundreds of power poles are reported 
down. Backup generators are operating at critical facilities.

The first disaster relief flights are expected at 10am Friday, after the 
runways at Saipan airport are cleared and certified for operation.

IT&E, CNMI's local incumbant telephone provider, reports its central 
offices are operating and inter-island cables are are intact. Most of the 
backbone lines on CNMI are buried underground.

DOCOMO Pacific, CNMI's local wireless provider, reports its network 
remained operational through the storm.  I am seeing social media posts 
from people using cell phones on CNMI.

Oracle's Internet Intelligence map shows 60% traceroute completion rate 
in the Northern Mariana Islands.

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