Cogent and HE feedback [was Re: Whats going on at Cogent]

John Kristoff jtk at
Wed Oct 24 22:32:41 UTC 2018

[ I've largely ignored this thread based on the Subject, but saw this so
  I'll change the subject to better reflect where I'm taking it.  Sorry
  if this is a rehashing things others my have already said. - jtk ]

On Tue, 23 Oct 2018 15:32:34 +0000
Ross Tajvar <ross at> wrote:

> I am also interested in hearing about this. I think it's relevant to
> the current thread.

DePaul has been a customer of Cogent for over 15 years, since the
time they were selling 100 Mb/s or $1000/month.  In my opinion from the
view of an end user net, nothing fancy, just budget commodity Internet.

DePaul has had HE for many years as well. We can see some of the
rich peering that Owen suggested they have more of.

HE and Cogent are amongst the lowest price providers in my experience.

Note, if you're a network like DePaul's and getting transit from one,
it would be advisable to get transit from the other (or at least someone
else who can reliably reach them).  There is plenty of peering dispute
history to read up on I won't try to summarize here.

If you care about traffic engineering with community tags, you might be
disappointed that HE really only support RTBH.  However in my
experience, support and sales for both organizations seem just fine for
what they deliver. I recently had an opportunity to use both (e.g.
upgrades and enabling BFD) and things went swimmingly.

Just so they get a nod, we also use ServerCentral as a sort of
full-service provider.  We rely on them for all sorts of things.  They,
like Cogent and HE are also a good value for DePaul in my opinion.

That said, what is right for one organization is not necessarily right
for another.  That's just my experience and opinion.


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