Hurricane Michael: Communications restoration status

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It helps to have a largely intact power grid, and a state government that doesn’t squander maintenance dollars on graft and corruption.


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Thank you for sharing this.

Very sad indeed to hear about 6 months delays in restoring for PR.

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39 deaths in the US, at least 15 deaths in Honduras, Nicaragua, El

After 12 days, most wireless service is restored in Florida. It took
over 6 months to restore wireless service across Puerto Rico/US Virgin

Today, Oct 22 2018, Verizon Wireless reported wireless services has been
restored throughout the area.

AT&T Wireless reports 99.9% wireless service restoration.

T-Mobile reports service restored or temporary solutions in place.

FCC Status Reporting

Cellular service:
Bay County: 103 cell sites out of service (29.7%)
Gadsden County: 12 cell sites out of service (19.4%)
Gulf County: 6 cell sites out of service (26.1%)

55,006 wireline and cable customers are reported out of service.

1 TV, 7 FM and 2 AM broadcasters reported out of service.

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