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As an eyeball network operator, Cogent has served me well for several years, I can say that they are probably the easiest and most relaxed and most accessible to work with from my experience compared to my other providers, I’m comparing to 3 other well-known providers

It seems like when I call Cogent the person that answers the phone is the person that solves my problem, other providers I have to go through multiple layers of people to get to someone who knows how to do what I need them to do

Cogent has typically been the cheapest also

However Cogent seems to be the dirtiest in regards to DDOS...  however Telia might be catching up... in times past when I receive volumetric DDOS, Cogent typically ranks with the highest on my providers ... AT&T and spectrum seem to be a bit cleaner

I also have the long-standing v6 google issue

So yeah, pros and cons, but that’s true about most things, pros and cons 


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> Agreed. A couple IXes, Cogent, HE, and a couple others. Add more IXes and others as needed. Eyeballs should be fine with the above.
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> > I guess people really don’t like Cogent judging by the fact that one  
> > unrelated email caused all this to happen again.. :-)
> Cogent have more pain points on average but they’re still the best option  
> for getting to other Cogent customers.  It’s not really hard to design  
> around their shortcomings.   I’d rather have 30 small links and be  
> well-connected than two large ones and be SOL because someone refuses to  
> peer.
> I can’t speak to their MPLS service, because cogent’s the last company I’d  
> ever trust with my backbone.
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