It's been 20 years today (Oct 16, UTC). Hard to believe.

Daniel Corbe dcorbe at
Tue Oct 16 18:01:48 UTC 2018

at 1:11 PM, Scott Weeks <surfer at> wrote:

> Wow, was it a table of folks new to network engineering?
> If so, then schooling; if not, then clue bat...  :-)
> scott

The one thing I remember about Postel, other than the fact that he had his  
fingers in a lot of DNS pies, is be liberal about what you accept, be  
conservative about what you send.  It’s a notion that creates undo burden  
on the implementor, because it places the expectation on the that you need  
to account for every conceivable ambiguous corner case and that’s not  
always the best approach when implementing a standard; and it mostly arises  
from the lack of adherence to the second part of that statement.

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