Hulu / ESPN: Commercial IP Address

Christian de Larrinaga cdel at
Mon Oct 15 08:10:08 UTC 2018

Brandon, That is odd. Might this be an artefact of cellular carriers
being fixated on revenue protection of their inter carrier rates. Are
they (wrongly) assuming a public IP might be a grey market termination
risk onto their networks?



Brandon Butterworth wrote:
> On Sat Oct 13, 2018 at 02:39:37PM -0400, Daniel Corbe wrote:
>> I had a customer with a similar issue.   I statically assigned them a 
>> different IP and it didn???t resolve it.   The problem turned out to be
>> tied  to their Hulu account.
> I had a similar issue with wifi calling on O2 in the UK. it
> worked on some wifi but not others. After pressing O2 support
> for quite some time they admitted "you're on commercial IP space
> which we don't support" but would say no more.
> After a little puzzling I realised the working wifis were
> NATed to 1918 so I added NAT to one that wasn't working and the
> phone registered OK for wifi calling. The address it was NATed
> to was the same range so it appears their test is for 1918 space
> on the client.
> I'm not saying HULU is the same, I've never has access to it,
> but companies cook up some wierd ideas of what is accepable for
> client access. I've still got no idea why having a public IP makes
> it unnaceptable to make phone calls where their coverage is poor.
> brandon
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