Hulu / ESPN: Commercial IP Address

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Mon Oct 15 08:02:28 UTC 2018

On Sat Oct 13, 2018 at 02:39:37PM -0400, Daniel Corbe wrote:
> I had a customer with a similar issue.   I statically assigned them a  
> different IP and it didn???t resolve it.   The problem turned out to be 
> tied  to their Hulu account.

I had a similar issue with wifi calling on O2 in the UK. it
worked on some wifi but not others. After pressing O2 support
for quite some time they admitted "you're on commercial IP space
which we don't support" but would say no more.

After a little puzzling I realised the working wifis were
NATed to 1918 so I added NAT to one that wasn't working and the
phone registered OK for wifi calling. The address it was NATed
to was the same range so it appears their test is for 1918 space
on the client.

I'm not saying HULU is the same, I've never has access to it,
but companies cook up some wierd ideas of what is accepable for
client access. I've still got no idea why having a public IP makes
it unnaceptable to make phone calls where their coverage is poor.


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