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Naslund, Steve SNaslund at
Fri Oct 12 20:37:50 UTC 2018

>Make a second account at your bank.  One account is
>'storage' and has all your money.  You never use
>the 'storage account' ATM card for anything outside
>your bank's ATM machines.

Doubling the service fees from your bank.

>The second one is where you only keep $50-$100 in
>it.  When you use your ATM card it's only this account
>that's used.  Just before you make a purchase, move
>money from your 'storage account' into your 'active
>account' and make the purchase.

Don’t really want to be doing transfers with service fees every time I decide to fill up the gas tank.  Also, lots of banks will allow overdrafts which creates even more fees and some even auto transfer from one account to another to cover your overdrafts.  Also, does nothing for credit cards at all.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL
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