Hurricane Michael: Communication Service Provider status

Sean Donelan sean at
Fri Oct 12 20:09:07 UTC 2018

Note: although the FCC encourages independent ISPs to report outages, none 

13 fatalities reported as of 10/12/2018

Public Safety Answering Points (9-1-1) outages:
16 Public Safety Answering Points rerouted

Florida: Bay, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty

Electric grid outages:

Alabama: 25,652 customers (1.01%)
Florida: 351,433 customers (3.34%)
Georgia: 304,862 customers (6.44%)
North Carolina: 492,058 customers (9.94%)
South Carolina: 7,422 customers (0.29%)
Virginia 523,304 customers (13.92%)

Florida Counties with more than 90% customers outage:
Bradford (91%), Calhoun (100%), Franklin (97%), Gadsden (100%), Gulf 
(99%), Holmes (93%), Jackson (100%), Liberty (100%), Washington (100%)

Airport status:

All commercial airports have re-opened. Various temporary flight 
restrictions announced in NOTAMs.

Sea port status:

Panama City, FL closed
Wilmington, NC closed

Retail fuel stations (out of fuel, power or both):

6.3% of all Florida stations closed
   41% of Florida panhandle stations closed
3.2% of Georgia stations closed
1.7% of Alabama stations closed

NOAA Weather Radio transmitters out of service (hurricane area):

Columbus, AL
Talahassee, FL
Sneads, FL
Westville, FL
East Point, FL
Panama City, FL
Pelham, GA
Lafayette, LA
New Bern, NC
Henderson, NC

Cellular Service (more than 50% out of service):

Bay County, FL (72.8%) 238 sites out of service
Gadsden County, FL (58.10%) 36 sites out of service
Gulf County, FL (65.20%) 15 sites out of service
Washington County, FL (56.40%) 22 sites out of service

Cable systems and Wireline subscriber reported outages (likely more, since 
customers may not have reported problems yet, e.g. no outages reported in 

Alabama: 18,244
Florida: 252,748
Georgia: 103,755


4 TV stations out of service
27 FM stations out of service
5 AM stations out of service

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