Spectrum residential IPv6 rDNS - thank you !

endre.szabo at nanog-list-kitfvhs.redir.email endre.szabo at nanog-list-kitfvhs.redir.email
Wed Oct 10 14:50:43 UTC 2018

Hi there,

On 10/10/18 3:43 AM, Chris wrote:
> Originally I was using the pipe backend with a modified copy of 
> "PowerDNS-Dynamic-Reverse-Backend" 
> (https://github.com/endreszabo/PowerDNS-Dynamic-Reverse-Backend) but 
> ended up writing my own in Perl as the backend was a bit fragile and 
> didn't do everything I wanted.

I love you Chris <3

I would really like to know what made you think that it is a bit 
fragile? Crashes, slow responses? PowerDNS can make a great use of the 
so called 'packet caching' to cache pipe backend results. I admit that 
this code was not really in production on a public network just on some 
private ones.

And enhancement ideas? What else did you want the script to do?

Thanks for referencing.



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