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Fri Oct 12 18:07:01 UTC 2018

> Make a second account at your bank.  One account is 
> 'storage' and has all your money.  You never use 
> the 'storage account' ATM card for anything outside 
> your bank's ATM machines.
> The second one is where you only keep $50-$100 in 
> it.  When you use your ATM card it's only this account 
> that's used.  Just before you make a purchase, move 
> money from your 'storage account' into your 'active 
> account' and make the purchase.

I second the idea of having a storage account. I do a similar thing myself but for other reasons. I always just keep $100 and every time I make a purchase I move money from my storage account over. The only problem is that this does not work as well with credit cards. I believe that in the US there is some form of company that allows you to make temporary cards for online purchases.

Thanks ~ Bryce Wilson, AS202313
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