The root KSK roll has occurred

Mehmet Akcin mehmet at
Thu Oct 11 16:06:30 UTC 2018

Congratulations for rolling the root zone KSK.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 9:01 AM Matt Larson <matt.larson at> wrote:

> On behalf of the root zone management partners (ICANN and Verisign), I
> would like to report that the root KSK rollover occurred at 1600 UTC today,
> 11 October, with the publication of the root zone with serial number
> 2018101100.
> For the 48 hours after the rollover, we will be monitoring several mailing
> lists, including this one, so please reply here with any issues or concerns.
> Matt
> --
> Matt Larson, VP of Research
> ICANN Office of the CTO
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