NAT on a Trident/Qumran(/or other?) equipped whitebox?

Wes Felter wmf at
Wed Oct 10 19:18:20 UTC 2018

On 10/9/18 10:35 AM, Jason Lixfeld wrote:
> Has anyone played around with this?  Curious if the BCM (or whatever other chip) can do this, and if not, if any of the box vendors have tried to find a way to get these things to do a bunch of NAT - say some flavour of NAT, line-rate @ 10G.  If so, anyone know of a NOS that has support for it?  OcNOS, Cumulus Linux, PicOS and Switch Light OS seem to have none, but not sure if there are others out there.

For 10G I would use software NAT like a firewall or CGN virtual 
appliance. Switch ASICs generally don't support NAT well; Tofino and 
maybe Jericho II can probably do it but at high cost and as you 
discovered the market isn't trying very hard to provide "routing" or 
"firewalling" functionality on "switching" ASICs.

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