new(ish) ipv6 transition tech status on CPE

Brock Tice brock at
Wed Oct 10 19:06:53 UTC 2018

On 10/09/2018 06:24 PM, Philip Loenneker wrote:
> I have asked several vendors we deal with about the newer technologies
> such as 464XLAT, and have had some responses indicating they will
> investigate internally, however we have not made much progress yet. One
> vendor suggested their device supports NAT46 and NAT64 so may support
> 464XLAT, but since it is incidental rather than an official feature, it
> may not support the full CLAT requirements. I have been meaning to do
> some tests but haven’t had a chance yet. It is also a higher price point
> than our current CPEs.
> I have spoken to people who have looked into options such as OpenWRT
> (which supports several of these technolgoies), however the R&D and
> ongoing support is a significant roadblock to overcome.

We looked into this somewhat intently ~6 months ago and had not much
luck from vendors. Barely on their radar if at all.

We used our own custom OpenWRT build on a few select, tested consumer
routers to do 464XLAT. In the end we went to dual-stack with CGN on
IPv4. I wrote up some documentation on how we did it on my blog, but in
the end I can't recommend the setup we used.

I would love RouterOS and (various mfgr) CPE support for 464XLAT, then I
would be ready to give it another shot.

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