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Wed Oct 10 16:01:07 UTC 2018

Sure and with the Exp Date, CVV, and number printed on every card you are open to compromise every time you stay in the hotel or go to a restaurant where you hand someone your card.  Worse yet, the only option if you are compromised is to change all your numbers and put the burden on your of notifying everyone and that evening you hand your card to the waiter and the cycle starts over.  The system is so monumentally stupid it’s unbelievable.

  Steven Naslund

 Chicago IL

>  Well,

  >  Once you get the Expiry Date (which is the most prevalent data that is not encoded with the CHD)

  >  CVV is only 3 digits, we saw ppl using parallelizing tactics to find the correct sequence using acquirers around the world.

  >  With the delays in the reporting pipeline, they have the time to completely abuse that CHD/Date/CVV before getting caught.

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