new(ish) ipv6 transition tech status on CPE

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Hi Tom,

This article is now 11 months old, but may be of interest to you:

Some quotes:

  *   The major issue is the lack of support provided by CE vendors for both older (DS-Lite, lw4o6), and newer (464XLAT, MAP T/E) transition mechanisms. Some vendors provide it ‘on-demand’ for big customers, but small and medium ISPs don’t have the same purchasing capability, creating a big issue for deployment.
  *   All panellists said their service providers’ products supported lw4o6, MAP-E/T, and 464XLAT, but because of the lack of support for these mechanisms in RFC7084, it is not standard in retail CE.
  *   There are no new hardware requirements that will exclude vendors supporting all these transitions mechanisms — it is really a matter of very few kilobytes.
  *   The panel agreed that minimum orders were not considered when implementing these mechanisms. For them, the fact is that IPv6 needs to be implemented, and there is a need to support new transition mechanisms and support service providers and retail users. Also, there is a need for products to pass some certification requirements (again the idea of RFC7084-bis is strongly supported by the panellists).

Telstra did a presentation as AusNOG back in September discussing their IPv6 implementation which was really great to see. They have their own branded CPEs with 464XLAT. Unfortunately I don’t think there is a video of it, only a rather short slide deck. You can see it here:

I have asked several vendors we deal with about the newer technologies such as 464XLAT, and have had some responses indicating they will investigate internally, however we have not made much progress yet. One vendor suggested their device supports NAT46 and NAT64 so may support 464XLAT, but since it is incidental rather than an official feature, it may not support the full CLAT requirements. I have been meaning to do some tests but haven’t had a chance yet. It is also a higher price point than our current CPEs.

I have spoken to people who have looked into options such as OpenWRT (which supports several of these technolgoies), however the R&D and ongoing support is a significant roadblock to overcome.

I would like to hear how others are implementing these transition technologies.


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Are there any CPE vendors providing MAP-T features yet? I'm working on rolling v6 to residential subscribers and am trying to understand what the landscape looks like on the CPE side, for MAP-T specifically.

What about 464XLAT on a CPE - is that a thing? I know that 464XLAT has been running for a while on some mobile provider networks, but are there any vendors out there with a decent/mature CLAT implementation in a CPE product that is ready to buy right now?


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