new(ish) ipv6 transition tech status on CPE

Daniel Corbe dcorbe at
Wed Oct 10 05:06:17 UTC 2018

Tom Ammon <thomasammon at> writes:

> Are there any CPE vendors providing MAP-T features yet? I'm working on rolling v6 to residential subscribers and am trying to
> understand what the landscape looks like on the CPE side, for MAP-T specifically.
> What about 464XLAT on a CPE - is that a thing? I know that 464XLAT has been running for a while on some mobile provider networks,
> but are there any vendors out there with a decent/mature CLAT implementation in a CPE product that is ready to buy right now?

Good luck.   I've been barking up the MAP-T tree with cable modem
vendors for a couple of years already.   Since I have literally 0 buying
power in comparison to the likes of Comcast and Cox, I've gotten nowhere.


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