Oct. 3, 2018 EAS Presidential Alert test

Sean Donelan sean at donelan.com
Wed Oct 10 01:38:27 UTC 2018

On Tue, 9 Oct 2018, Scott Weeks wrote:
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> From: Andy Ringsmuth <andy at andyring.com>
> Yeah, this thread is getting somewhat removed from the
> original question, so what the heck.  I’ve often thought
> that vehicle radios should have a location-based weather
> radio built in
> ---------------------------------------------------
> This is coming.  See IETF's ipwave.

Your radio could pickup information that's being broadcast all the time. 
If your car has a builtin navigation systems (figuring out its location is 
the hard part for the radio -- cell phones already have geolocation 
builtin), HD radio stations send a lot of digital information in the 


hdfm displays weather and traffic maps received from iHeartRadio HD radio 
stations. It relies on nrsc5 to decode and dump the radio station data for 
it to process and display.

Likewise, SiriusXM satellite data services has advanced digital data 
weather feeds as part of its aviation packages. You could install it in 
your car instead of your airplane. If you can afford a private airplane, 
you can afford the SiriusXM aviation subscription cost.

The challenging part for government is creating a public warning system 
inexpensive enough, its available to everyone, not just people who can 
afford private airplanes.

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