Oct. 3, 2018 EAS Presidential Alert test

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Handy - I have two little boxes I bought at radio shack many years
ago. One converts from the car lighter plug (or whatever they call it
these days) to a three-prong (5-15R, ok?), the other converts from a
regular 120V house plug to a "12V car lighter" which actually was very
handy once when a house guest forgot their phone wall charger but had
their car charger so I noticed was sitting in the yard with their car
running charging their phone and I said "I CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!"

I believe the key word is "inverter". I can't imagine they're much
more than $20 each.

With a long extension cord it means even w/o a generator you can run
or charge some small things off your car even if that was never the

        -Barry Shein

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