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A good home investment people don't immediately think of (I'm sure
some here have) is one of those inexpensive computer UPS's.  An
off-the-shelf 1500VA is usually under $200 or thereabouts.

One can run anything off one, like a radio or lamp. Not a lot but I'd
imagine 1500VA would keep a small radio and 6W LED 100W equivalent
lumens running for 24 hours? Probably more. And it'll recharge phones,
batteries, etc.

I run my big screen TV through one not so much for emergency backup
per se but more for when they bounce the power up and down
occasionally which I figure can't be good for it. But in a lengthy
power outage I've shut that TV off and used it for other things I
mention, there it was ready to go.

For example it wouldn't be a bad holiday gift for an elderly or stupid
person you know (OH DON'T REACT!) who wouldn't ever think of such a

Particularly if you set it up for them and showed them it's just
receptacles pointing out those backed up and those not and how you
should otherwise always leave it plugged and charging. Anything can be
plugged in tho probably not the fridge (i.e., only small things.) And
it can be carried around the house if needed (e.g., to the bedroom for
a light.)

        -Barry Shein

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